Trane XL14C Packaged Gas/Electric Review

by admin on June 17, 2012

The Trane XL14C packaged gas/electric unit is another of the superior products which are associated with the Trane brand which is world renown in the production of HVAC equipment. The packaged heat pumps are a big attraction to the people who are bent on having total comfort in the home and for the family. These are units which are much liked because they strike a balance between affordability and provision of efficient function in the home. Higher efficiency is always translated into lower operational costs.

The Trane XL14C Packaged Gas/Electric features

The Trane XL14C Packaged Gas/Electric is made with very many high quality components which are able to guarantee that the comfort in the home is never ending. Beginning with the efficiency provided by the machine, the unit provides 14.25 SEER and up to 80% AFUE which all make the grade in making it Energy Star qualified. The unit is able to provide ultra quiet operation which is achieved through the use of superior and well researched technology making sure that the conditions in the home are as comfortable as possible. The most important is the state of art fan system which provides effective airflow. The variable speed blower motor is able to achieve quiet function and provides function through the performance on low stage also making it very efficient in function. The stainless steel heat exchanger and burners are very effective in the provision of heating comfort. They have been made to provide reliable function throughout the lifetime of the equipment. The Comfort R feature is able to make sure that the comfort provided is all round since the air within the home is dehumidified. The Spine Fin coil is made out of aluminum and has been made to ensure that it meets its function of providing improved air flow and that is free from corrosion. Heating comfort is provided in two stages for the gas option. The Vortica blower provides the advanced function which is done through the improved airflow. It would be very improper not to mention the Climatuff compressor which provides the cooling comfort and has been made to provide function year after year without any failures. The very good features are covered by the steel cabinet made from heavy gauge steel and is coated with two layers of paint and this prevents corrosion and adds aesthetic value. The louvers have rounded edges to minimize risk.

Product cons of the Trane XL14C Packaged Gas/Electric

Favorable reviews of the Trane XL14C Packaged Gas/Electric s only what you can find. This has the implication that the product provides effective performance without fail. Caution though should be taken at installation to make sure it is done correctly to avert any problems.

Trane XL14C Packaged Gas/Electric Price

The Trane XL14C Packaged Gas/Electric is affordable and a price which brings home a very good investment which will be both efficient and effective in provision of comfort any time of the year. It is priced at $3489 and warranties given upon complete registration.

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