Trane XL13c Packaged Gas/Electric Review

by admin on June 17, 2012

The Trane XL13C packaged gas/electric unit shares the professional approach taken in the manufacture and assembly of all products produced under the brand. All products are taken through rigorous testing to make sure that the high standards set by the Trane brand are maintained and always kept at an all-time high. This specific unit has been manufactures with strict attention to detail and with the intention of producing the best available units that will serve various different purposes with different final results both in effectiveness and efficiency. Innovativeness has always been something to be worked upon right from the conceptualization of every component to the final fitting together of the components to make the unit.

The Trane XL13c Packaged Gas/Electric features

The Trane XL13c Packaged Gas/Electric has very good high quality components and they are responsible for the functions that are provided by the unit in providing comfort in the home. The Climatuff compressor is perhaps entrusted with the bulk of the work done by the unit. This is a heavy duty component which is able to provide reliable performance which is very silent and which is energy efficient. Second to the compressor in the importance it carries in the provision of functionality is the stainless steel heat exchanger which has been worked upon to produce the ultra safe design which gives effective and reliable performance. To enhance performance and function, the ultra quiet ducted fan has been made highly efficient such that it works in tandem with the outdoor fan to provide quiet function. Another advanced component is the Vortica blower motor that consumes lesser energy to give excellent airflow and at the same time provide silent function. The system is reliant on the reliable and safe spark ignition.

Other components not forgetting the aluminum sine fin coils which are aimed at making sure that the heat transfer is very effective over the very extensive surface area they are able to provide. These are all free from corrosion. The durable and contoured weather beater top achieves protection for the internal components from the vagaries of weather. The cabinet has been made in such a manner that it is corrosion resistant and that corner guards are added. The cabinet has been given corner guards and the louvers have been made functional for easy maintenance in addition to the service panels.

Product cons of the Trane XL13c Packaged Gas/Electric unit

The Trane XL13c Packaged Gas/Electric unit has been constructed in manner able to provide exceptional functionalities. The only disadvantage which can be identified with the unit is the fact that efficiency is lower with better efficiencies provided by superior products.

Trane XL13c Packaged Gas/Electric Price

The Trane XL13c Packaged Gas/Electric has been provided as an affordable option which is able to provide energy efficiency. The energy efficiency is able to save cost on various very many fronts. The limited warranties provided by and which come with unit are the 20 year on the heat exchanger, 10 year on compressor and the condenser coil and later which 5 year warranty on all other internal functional parts.

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