Trane Cleaneffects Air Cleaner Review

by admin on July 21, 2012

Trane is the market leader of large home comfort industry. Every products are really dependable, reliable and user friendly. Trane invented world class filter technology and that is cleaneffects. It has great ability and removes 99.98% airborne particles! Other brands need to change the filter regularly but it’s no need to any external filter. Trane products decrease fuel cost and this cleaner is also supply clean air with actual rate. Customer want high efficiency and low fuel cost product, Trane makes this possible with successfully. For best product quality, reliability, dependability helps to make a great reputation of Trane. So customer doesn’t hesitate to buy their product. Their clean effect technology is the innovation on Air cleaning sector. Even rival manufacturer cannot think about that.


Trane cleaneffects Air cleaner has rich features. It can remove 0.3 micron harmful mold, lint, dust spores from air. Smoke, grease, tobacco, dust just pollute indoor air so it is very important to purify the air immediately otherwise flues and viruses will attack you. The Cleaneffects technology ensures whole house air purification that is very important for healthy breath. Low pressure drop and highest efficiency are the main physical attribute of this Air cleaner. LMS technologies tested many times of its performance and all time got positive result. A number of professors of Harvard School of Public Health verified this cleaner and highly recommend it for all kinds of consumer. You don’t need to buy additional filter just wash it when indicator light gives signal. For best performance you need to wash the filter after every 9 month. Indicator light installed in front of the air cleaner so that it’s easily visible to user. Operation does not create any extra noise and very quite operation. Deliver static clean air that spread every single of spaces of your home. Trane Cleaneffect Air Cleaner creates very less ozone every year and that will not affect the environment. For the first time Trane showed that their cleaner can removes 99.98% particles from air. Trane proves that their air cleaner more effective than modern HEPA filter also hundred times effective than standard 1” filter. Many people suffer asthma and allergies, this filter can defeat this easily.

Trane Cleaneffects Air Cleaner Price:

Trane is very careful about pricing. Price approximately $950 for whole system. Ten years limited warranty are also available for internal parts. They also offer expandable warranties.


You need to know simple maintenance of this air cleaner. If you read the whole manual properly then sure you will get some idea about simple maintenance like filter open and wash. Humidifier is one of the important devices so you should know some basic things about that. Without understand do not open any parts of air cleaner. For any kind of damage your warranty will be invalid. Take help of authorized person for any emergency maintenance.

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