Lennox Merit Series GWB8-ES GWB8-IE Boiler Review

by admin on August 7, 2012


Lennox makes an innovation in overall boiler market. Due to cheap price, high efficiency, ultimate heating performance customer loves to buy their heating products. Lennox always tries to offer heating product within affordable cost. Homeowners want durable and low cost heating solution. Lennox has various series of boiler such as merit series, elite series and signature collection. GWB8-ES and GWB8-IE is in merit series though it’s expensive than other series. Merit series boiler has great efficiency. It is hard to compare with some other brand. Trip is really a boring situation for every home appliance. Machine trip will directly effect in your comfort. So Lennox always selects highly qualified material to build inner components. Quality raw material has all kinds of physical, chemical and mechanical attribute so that it has less chances of trip during operation. Before adjusting any material Lennox tested it for several times. When satisfactory output result will come then they decided to attach those components.

Lennox Merit Series Boilers Feature:

Lennox merit series boiler has rich feature with huge technological advantage. Both ES and IE almost exact feature but different in AFUE ratings. ES offers only 81.6% AFFUE and IE gives 84.4% AFUE. ES and IE absolutely gas fired water boiler. Those series is more efficient than COWB2 series. COWB2 actually oil fired water boiler though its primary cost is not high but fuel cost is unbelievable. For that reason maximum customers want to buy merit series. IE and Es have updated electrical ignition system and ensure regular fuel burning. A large number of researcher said that most of the time electrical ignition helps to decrease the energy cost. Customer likes durable heating solution but problem is corrosion. Due to combustion process corrosion will happen and it’s just decrease the lifetime of whole heating unit. Cast iron is one of the strongest materials which Lennox used to make the heat exchanger though its heat transfer rate is less than cast aluminum heat exchanger. If you want a durable boiler then you have to consider cast iron made heat exchanger. But actually cast aluminum heat exchanger has better heat transfer ratio that directly helps to increase AFUE rate. In boiler, heat loss is completely unexpected and continuous heat loss directly impact on your comfort and utility bill. So that Lennox used advanced fiberglass insulation technology which is not only prevent heat loss but also absorb the extra noise. Excellent induced draft fan helps to proper venting of combustion gas to increase heat transfer efficiency. Combustion gas does not create harmful ozone so it’s really environment friendly.


Price is up to $4400 to $4800. Twenty years limited warranty for heat exchanger and five years for mechanical parts. Try to find a reliable dealer to buy this boiler.

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Lennox Boiler Prices Estimate Prevent You From Getting Scammed:

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